5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

Have you ever experienced scooching up in your garage as you look for something? Tight spaces and overcrowding are some indications of a small garage. You can’t blame yourself for having a lot of things, but you can for having inadequate space. Luckily, it’s not too late to get a bigger garage. Extending a garage is one way to increase your indoor space. You can extend your garage forward, sideward, or upward to add more room. Explore add-on garage ideas to help you choose the most suitable for your wants and needs.

Benefits of a Bigger Garage

Going bigger offers myriad benefits for garage owners. With a bigger garage, you can enjoy more space for storage. You can have extra room for your gym, office, workshop, or art studio. You can also park a larger car if you plan to replace your old one. Furthermore, adding a bay to an existing garage allows you to keep more vehicles protected from the weather. Another advantage of having a larger garage is hassle-free conversion. Start getting attached garage addition ideas if you think you’ll need to transform your garage into a different room. A room with plenty of space can become a guest room, kids’ playroom, workshop, or art studio. Lastly, getting an add-on garage can elevate your property’s appeal. Your garage is one feature of your property that contributes to first impressions. Thus, having a large garage is advantageous if you’ll put your house on sale in the future.
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5 Great Garage Extension Ideas

Are you looking for creative garage addition ideas to upgrade the size and appearance of your garage? We’re here to help. Our team has listed the top 5 clever ideas to extend a garage.

1. Consider a Bump-Out Addition
Bump-outs are a popular and easy way to increase your garage floor area. A garage bump-out is a minor extension on either or both sides of your existing garage. Since they are a small garage add-on idea, they are often used for storing things.

They are seldom used for a carport or work area. However, no one’s stopping you from installing bigger bump-outs. With a broader extension, you can park more cars or use it as a workspace or gym.

2. Build Another Room Above Your Garage
If it’s not your intention to park another car, then you’re not looking for 2-car garage design ideas. Perhaps you’re only looking for more space to store your valuables or another room. In this case, you can consider building a second floor above your garage. You can use this room for your workshop, office, gym, or guest bedroom.

3. Get a Higher Garage Ceiling
Raising the garage roof is another clever trick to make your garage bigger. This will provide you with ceiling space to keep more of your valuables. With a higher ceiling, you can even install a car lift. Car lifts will allow you to park two cars, one on top of the other.

Even if you have a single-car garage, you’ll be able to keep two of your automobiles safe and sound. A car lift is ideal if you collect prized sports cars and classic vehicles. You can utilize the car lifts to park them off the ground.

4. Go Wider with More Garage Doors
One simple way to expand your garage is through garage addition to an existing garage. This means extending sideways and adding more garage doors. You can do this by building a lean-to garage. It is an attached garage idea that shares the existing garage’s roof and wall. You don’t have to knock down any wall.

Another way to go about this method is to demolish your existing garage wall when adding onto an existing garage. This will create a continuous indoor garage space with two bays and garage doors. You can also add a third bay to an existing two-car garage if you still have room to expand. However, the more parking bays you add, the more doors you need.

5. Stretch Your Garage Door Sideways
In contrast with our 4th suggestion, you can also expand your garage door as you add more bays. In other words, you want only one large garage door in your garage. You must knock down one of your existing garage walls to add more side spaces in your garage.

Moreover, you also need to replace your garage door with a wider one. Coordinate with your trusted garage door technician to find the perfect garage door fit.

You can easily get garage expansion ideas from Google. However, nothing beats talking one-on-one with a professional and certified technician.

Contact A-Team Garage Door Repair, your most trusted garage door company. We offer a free inspection so we can better assist you. Afterward, we’ll show you garage extension plans that best go with your house architecture. You can rely on our team from the first day until you achieve your dream garage.

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