Garage Door Panel Replacement

garage door panel replacement

Not repairing your garage door or replacing its panels could be very costly in the long run. It may be an expense you wish to avoid but doing so is only going to cause you more problems. Trusting us with the job of handling all your garage door repair needs is something that you are not going to regret. Our excellent customer service and highly experienced staff are going to ensure the best possible outcome.

A garage door is made up of multiple garage door panels that have been hinged together. The garage door panel can become damaged and if this happen it can be replaced. A single garage door panel can be damaged in a vast majority of ways. These include chipping, cracking, or even water damage if not treated properly. Cars and kids on bicycles can also cause damage to your garage door. Should this occur, you can acquire garage door replacement panels.

A garage door is very important to most households, and they not only make your life convenient by allowing you to maneuver in and out of your home easily but also provide security for your vehicle. Over and above this, a garage door adds to the property’s value and aesthetic element as a whole. When they get damaged, it is then crucial to call in someone to do a garage door panels repair.


Issues with Garage Door Panels

Garage door panels can become damaged over time. Broken panels can expectedly cause you undue stress. There is, however, an incorrect perception that should a panel be damaged, the entire garage door must be replaced. The beauty of a garage door panel is that you can choose to replace only the damaged panel instead of the entire door. This is much more cost-effective as replacing the whole garage door would prove to be costly.

There are many scenarios that may occur where you may need to replace your garage door panels. Some of these scenarios include panels that have not aged well, outdated or discontinued garage door panels, as well as bent panels and dented panels. Old panels may begin to creak and make other noises. If this happens, you should consider changing the old panel. Discontinued garage doors also pose a problem, as they may no longer manufacture the panels that your garage door utilizes. In this case, you should consider the replacement of the garage door panels.

garage door panel repair

When Is a Complete Garage Door Replacement a Better Option?

Often when damage occurs to the garage door, it is a natural instinct to think of replacing the entire garage door. When damage does occur, it is important to assess the damage and determine whether it involves the whole door and it’s components, including rollers, springs, cables, sensors, opener system, etc. or just a singular panel is affected. When considering the replacement of a garage door panel or garage door, there are three important factors to consider. These factors are the garage door’s age, the number of damaged panels, and the aesthetic damage on the door.

Should a garage door be extremely old and worn out, the chances are that the entire door may need to be replaced. In this case, replacing one panel may just be a short-term fix. This is usually going to be the case unless you have previously replaced the other panels on the garage door.

When it comes to the number of damaged panels, it is important to determine how many of the panels are in need of replacing. Should only one or two of the panels be damaged, then it would be a wiser decision to replace just those specific panels, which is going to be much cheaper than replacing the entire door. However, if most garage door panels are damaged in any way, it may just be a better decision to replace the whole garage door.

The final factor is considering the aesthetic damage to the door. When considering how damaged a door is, one might only notice damage such as scratches or chipping. It is important to note whether a panel is bent or dented as well. Some panels may only look scratched, and you may not replace them only to find out that once a new panel has been installed, you are going to notice that the old panel looks out of place.

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

Although you may be tempted to install garage door panels or a new garage door yourself, trusting a professional repair company to do so should be a better option. Garage door panel replacement/repair can be a tricky process. Trusting a professional company to do the job for you is going to save you money and trouble in the long run.

Slight mistakes or miscalculations regarding the installation of a garage door or its panels can result in major issues down the line. Problems such as creaking or even more damage to panels can occur if the installation is not done correctly.

At A-Team Garage Door Repair, we have highly experienced, licensed, and professional technicians who ensure that the task of either replacing your garage door panels or even the entire garage door is done to your utmost satisfaction. We offer same-day service, as well as provide our service seven days a week. This means that no matter when you may be in need of assistance, we are going to be ready and willing to provide you with the most premium garage door repair service that money can buy.

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