Garage Door Spring Replacement

garage door spring repair

Garage door springs may need repairs done after some time. They are used repeatedly and perform an important role in the raising and lowering of the garage door. If you require spring replacement, you can count on A-Team Garage Door Repair to provide quick and professional service. We are licensed and experienced in spring repair services, so let us inspect your garage door if you think the spring might be broken. We have helped countless homeowners in and around Cherry Hill.

What Happens When The Springs Break?

Garage door springs allow the garage door to be lifted and lowered. The force to do this comes from the motor or physical power if the system is set to manual. The different types of springs work differently, but when the spring is in good shape, you can use the garage door smoothly and without delay or danger.

The springs have to be strong to lift the heavy garage door over and over again. After some years, however, the spring can break. Spring failure happens quicker in the presence of rust. You may notice that the springs are split into more than one piece, that the door no longer moves smoothly or that is doesn’t open or close at all. When you have a broken garage door spring, you should be careful around the garage door until you can get a spring replacement. 

Your garage door cannot function properly when you have a broken torsion spring or a broken extension spring. To get it working again and avert any dangers, contact us. We have certified technicians, who are ready to help you out. We are open 7 days a week and provide same-day service at affordable rates.

Our Garage Door Springs Best Practices

Garage doors have an important function, but due to their heavy nature and their many components like springs and cables they can also be a safety risk. You should always handle your garage door with care and call a certified professional for any repair work required. Our technicians have the necessary skills and follow the best practices during your garage door spring replacements.+

Replacing Both Springs

There could be one or two springs controlling your garage door, depending on the spring system you have. For torsion springs, one or two can be used for garage doors of various sizes and weights. There are always two springs when you have an extension spring system. According to best practices, we always replace both springs.

The springs of a garage door operate in conjunction, so it’s always better to replace them together, even if only one is broken. If only one spring is replaced, it is much stronger than the other one. When this happens, the mechanism to lift the garage door operates unevenly. The garage door may even come out of its track.

Using the Right Springs

The garage door springs we use are of high quality and therefore a high cycle. We fit the new springs to you garage door based on the weight of your door. These can last you for many years and go through around 10,000 cycles.

Safety Inspection

The first thing we do before a spring replacement job is performing a careful safety inspection. We check that all of the parts and hardware of the garage door are still in good condition. If there is anything amiss, we can prescribe the best solution. The safety inspection is crucial to limit the safety risks during the garage door’s use and repair.

Types of Garage Door Springs

What are Torsion Springs?

Torsion springs do not stretch and release but instead turn and use rotation to raise the garage door. They are visible and are mounted on a metal bar located directly above the garage door.

Because of the way torsion springs move, they have a great advantage. They last longer because they are not constantly being extended. Despite their benefits, torsion springs cost more than extension springs. 

It is possible to replace an extension spring with a torsion spring system. As a homeowner, you might have to spend more, but it is usually worth the investment.

garage door torsion spring repair
garage door extension spring repair

What are Extension Springs?

The most commonly used type of garage door spring is the extension type. Extension springs are suspended overhead above the tracks on a cable pulley system. As they expand and contract, they cause the garage door to ascend and descend as required.

Extension springs are widely used because they are more affordable than torsion springs. They are also very efficient. The main disadvantages of extension springs include the presence of many components, which increases the risk of failure. These springs do not last as long as torsion springs and requires the additional installation of a safety cable, which kicks into play should they break.

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

A-Team Garage Door Repair

If your garage door spring breaks, you should stay clear and not attempt to lift it manually, as it could come falling rapidly. The weight of the door can damage the garage door opener gear.

Trying to replace the springs yourself can be dangerous because of the door’s weight and the broken spring mechanism. We advise you avoiding this to eliminate the risk of bodily injury and damage to your property.

New garage door springs are best installed by certified professionals. Our technicians are licensed and have years of experience. Using our service guarantees a quality job and saves you money. It also limits the damage to other components of the garage door. Get in touch with A-Team Garage Door Repair if you need garage door spring repair.

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